woensdag 10 november 2010

Knight who say 'Atchee'

Holy Grail, scene 16, take 47. 
Arthur: We are but simple travellers. We seek the enchanter who lives beyond... 
Tall knight: Atchee! 
Arthur: Bless you. 
Tall knight: Atchee! Atchee! 
Arthur: I am not going to bless you twice. 
Tall knight: If you do not wish to appease us, we demand a robbery. 
Arthur: I am sorry, did you say shrubbery? 
Tall knight: No, we want you to give us a robbery. 
Arthur: Well, I can't give you a robbery. 
Tall knight: Atchee! Then you shall not pass. 
Arthur: But no one can give you a robbery. It's impossible! 
Tall knight: You still can't pass. 
Arthur: You 're crazy. A robbery is an action. It is something you do, not something you can give. It is not an object. 
Tall knight: Atchee! A robbery or you shall be killed! 
Arthur: Well, I can rob you, if you are sure that is what you want. 
Tall knight: Atchee! Yes! 
Arthur and his knights rob the Knights Who Say 'Atchee', and continue their way.

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